READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS before submitting anything. Lastly, we ask that you understand that, due to circumstances, we only accept stories to which we obtain full rights.

Mad Cloud accepts multiple types of submissions — Art Samples, Lettering, Colorist, Story/Series Proposals from writer-artists or writers, writer, and artist teams. In this day and age, where everything is digital, we want to know whom we are working with, so here's what we require in all of our submissions:

Price Ranges
Links to your work, ex: Instagram, Google Drive links, etc.
In the Email, please state that you own all works that you are submitting to use in the submission. Lastly, in the subject line, please write what position you are looking for. (ex: Colorist, Artist, Writer)


Our mini-comics/manga is a part of our Mad Fablez releases. If you want to write with us, we ask you to submit an idea for a 5-Page Mini first. Doing this will allow us to explore your work ethic and communication for future projects. We still require a logline when submitting this and the script for your story.

Please let us know when you start with a Mini-Comic/Manga and want to keep that going.

Besides what we stated above, we ask that any series proposal submitted has a logline: One or two sentences. This is the elevator pitch, the most refined, concise version of your story. From reading the logline, we should be able to determine who the main character is. What the main character wants, is trying to achieve, who or what is trying to prevent the main character and the consequences of the main character's downfall. We would also like you to have a completed outline for the story. An outline should describe the story's events, noting plot and character specifics. Do not leave the resolution of the story in question. Tell the entire story from the beginning, middle, and end.

Please Submit everything to our Email @